About us

The L.I.P. srl realizes a business continuity of family business, where the "L.I.P." brand (acronym of Lavorazione Italiana Pellami) represents about three generations of entrepreneurship in the tanning field of the production and trade of Italian leathers.

Known for its sheep and goat articles, LIP tannery maintains the value added form the technical, commercial and industrial knowledge of its members; but also of the personal staff who builds up the active part.

The core business is represented by the production of leathers for man's and woman's shoes and accessories.

The company uses primary materials partly treated from different places in the Middle East and from Africa, where, over the years, it has fulfilled a relationship of profitable collaboration and trust with its suppliers, by carrying out in Italy the necessary processing to get a finished product.

The mainmanufactured goods are the following:

                 - Lining (raw origin  SouthernArabia)

a) Glazed finishing

b) Half-polished finishing

c) Matt finishing

- Foiled lining

- Suede (raw origin Nigeria)

- Fancy articles (printings,“flocked”, serigraphs)  

- Mediterranean kid

- Napa leather (hairsheep)

- Cow lining

LIP's product is an article that aims at a medium /high market users range. The company target has always been the capability of offering articles with a very high interesting quality vs price ratio for its customers, together with the competence and ability of choosing the best raw for each item.

The company is present both on the national market and abroad. The national market is supervised through a strong collaboration with agents in the main footwear areas in the country, that is Lombardy, the Venetian, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, the Marche, Campania, Sicily.

For what concerns the foreign market, our main export countries are France, Spain, England, Ireland, Greece. Again, in each of these countries there is a close collaboration with an agent or distributor. Thanks to investments in abroad fairs, the target is to reach Far Eastern countries as well, and develop one's presence all over Europe.